Shandy Welch FNP

As a physician leadership coach, I am driven to help you see that your success is rooted in the stories you tell yourself and your perspective. Merging the art and passion for medicine with current business requires a skill of leadership, civility, communication, and empathy.

I spent twenty years as a clinical nurse practitioner and program administrator /director at a large medical system. My primary goal is humanizing health care through empowerment, best practice, leadership, and team development.

The power of perspective, attitude, and perseverance have never become more apparent when you are diagnosed with cancer. Through the lens of a caregiver and a patient’s eyes, I will introduce a way of thinking, leading, communicating, and experiencing adversity in ways that promote growth, appreciation, and might I say excitement!

Shandy holds a B.A. from Lewis & Clark College in psychology, a B.S. and Masters in nursing/family nurse practitioner from Regis College, and a coaching certification. Her guiding tenant: don’t forget humanity amid technology.

Please contact Shandy through her website ( or cell (971-645-8211).