About OWP

The purpose of the Oregon Wellness Program is to ensure physicians, nurses, advanced care practitioners, dentists and other health care professionals within the state of Oregon have access to mental health support that is non-reported, urgently available, and complimentary. 

OWP contracts with licensed and credentialed mental health providers, who each have a minimum of five years professional experience providing services to health care professionals.

OWP affiliated providers offer:

  • Up to three complimentary sessions (a one-time benefit that can be spread across multiple years)
  • Appointments are generally available within three  business days
  • Care without a “paper trail” or reporting to insurance or professional boards

Patients should request an appointment directly with the provider of their choice.

Our History

OWP is led by volunteers who are veterans of health care within Oregon and many are clinicians themselves.

The program was founded in 2018 to support the well being of Oregon healthcare professionals through education, research of the issue of burnout, as well as by delivering counseling and related services via in-person and telemedicine appointments. 

We continue to focus on establishing additional funding and partnerships to enable OWP to reach a broader audience of health care professionals in need of support for well being. You can support the OWP here.