What is OWP?

Whether you are seeking a better balance in your personal and professional life, or simply want to talk with someone who understands the issues you face, the Oregon Wellness Program’s team is here to help. It’s never too early to resolve emerging issues.

At this time the Oregon Wellness Program (OWP) includes in-person counseling with selected professionals in the Bend, OR and Salem areas. Other areas and clinicians will be added to the program in the near future.  All professionals participating in the OWP are licensed and credentialed psychiatrists or psychologists in good standing who are experienced in working with physicians. All have undergone additional instruction to participate in the OWP.

The first member program of the OWP is Central Oregon Medical Society (COMS) and it began providing services in April 2018. Marion Polk County Medical Society (MPCMS) began providing services in August 2018Other Oregon programs that have been operational for the past three to twenty years will become members of the OWP in the near future. See below for all current programs:

Central Oregon Medical Society and Marion Polk County Medical Society

Other medical societies or regional medical professional groups interested in becoming a part of the OWP network of services are invited to contact the OWP administrative offices at 503-222-1960.

 The Oregon Wellness Program is not a healthcare program for professionals who are in immediate crisis.