Tina Lips, LPC, LMHC

Phone: 503-729-1380
Appointment Type: Telehealth

Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Website: www.willamettehealthandwellness.com

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My approach to life’s challenges is encapsulated in the Finnish word SISU meaning strength of will or perseverance. It conveys fortitude amid life’s trials. We all encounter seasons of life some longer and some shorter in which we need help. My desire is to come alongside people and help them find their – SISU. I approach therapy from a holistic lens of a bio/psycho/social model…none of us exist in a vacuum and are impacted by dynamics within and outside of the self. I draw from Existential, Feminist, and Adlerian psychology theories. I most commonly utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Narrative therapy. I have done extensive training in perinatal mental health, infertility, and pregnancy loss which has opened up opportunities to work with healthcare professionals in women’s health.

I have spent many of my professional years working with families in crisis and couples counseling. I understand the unique challenges being in the healthcare field has on couples and families. My hope is to help individuals grow and change in a way that also promotes better social networks and family connections.

I saw my first client in September of 2006 and have enjoyed the various opportunities I have had over the years. I have been a therapist in private practice, a clinical supervisor, a clinical director at Family SkillBuilders, an adjunct instructor at Concordia University psychology department, and now a therapist in a group practice. I have worked with many healthcare professionals over the years and have learned the unique challenges they face. I am licensed in both Oregon and Washington.