Kit Sluys, PsyD

Phone: 971-245-2402 (call or text)
Appointment Type: Telehealth

Dr. Sluys has worked with physicians and other medical providers, helping them work through things like
burnout, traumatic patient events, ongoing litigation, and other life stressors. Her approach is a mix of a
kind, listening ear along with honest, direct feedback and actionable, evidence-based tools.

Dr. Sluys strives to provide personalized care where her clients feel their needs are being met. To do this,
she uses strategies and approaches from various modalities with the goal of helping her clients use their
strengths and values to move through barriers to feeling well.

Dr. Sluys earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on health psychology from
the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, California. With a background in healthcare
focusing on the mind-body connection, she has worked with both patients as a member of their medical
team and also with healthcare providers and administrators providing coaching and training. She has been
invited to speak on topics including patient safety, mindfulness for physician wellness, and motivational
interviewing in primary care.

Dr. Sluys currently works in private practice where she sees adults and couples through telehealth.

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