R. Andrew Barram, PsyD

Phone: 541-388-3592
Appointment Type: In-person, Telehealth
Address: 25 NW Park Place
, Bend, 

Personal Approach

Andy maintains a private therapy office serving adolescents and adults. In this domain. Sessions are available both in person and via tele-health. Andy brings a passion for helping people find their unique path through life-stress, depression, and anxiety to experiencing more personal awareness, peace, and confidence. Starting from a training in cognitive-behavioral theories and interventions, he integrates a dynamic approach ranging from addressing acute trauma experiences to existential distress. The course of counseling is different with each individual, following their unique presentation, background, and presenting issues.


Dr. Barram opened this private practice in 2000.  He has enjoyed maintaining a diverse mix of professional activities.  Providing individual counseling has always been at the core of the professional work.  He provides psychological evaluations to clarify diagnoses and inform different forensic concerns.  Evaluations typically serve to address issues in the employment domain and within criminal court matters.  In 2015 Dr. Barram initiated a part-time contract as an embedded psychologist for the local police and fire departments providing support, training and crisis intervention services.  This work continues now with the fire department.  Dr. Barram has long worked with medical professionals in his private practice and was among the first providers for the Oregon Wellness Program starting in 2018.

In his free time, Andy enjoys mountain biking, trail-runs, fishing and any other activities leading to trails or waterways. While roots are now deep in this area as home, Andy enjoys the adventure of travel. There is always something to see, experience, and taste around the next twist of the trail, bend in the road, or over the next horizon.