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R. Andrew Barram, PsyD

Andy is a licensed psychologist and available for office visits as a sole practitioner on Bend’s westside.  He has maintained a private practice in Bend since 1999, while raising two children and enjoying our natural recreation opportunities. Andy’s practice is divided among different activities, reflecting his skills and interests. As an embedded psychologist for the local police and fire departments, he provides our first responders with support, training and crisis intervention services. Andy conducts psychological evaluations in criminal matters offering psychological information to the legal process. Andy also maintains a private therapy office serving older adolescents and adults. In this domain, Andy brings a passion for helping people find their unique path through life-stress, depression, and anxiety to experiencing more personal awareness, peace, and confidence. In his free time, Andy enjoys mountain biking, trail-runs, fishing and any other activities leading to trails or waterways. While roots are now deep in this area as home, Andy enjoys the adventure of traveling by car, plane, or motorcycle. There is always something to see, experience, and taste around the next twist of the trail, bend in the road, or over the next horizon.