Welcome to the Oregon Wellness Program

The Oregon Wellness Program (OWP) promotes Oregon Healthcare Professionals’ well-being through education, coordinated regional counseling services, telemedicine services and research. Currently, the program is open to physicians, advanced practice providers and physician assistants.

All medical professionals experience remarkable stress dealing with work and personal demands. Many aspects of the profession are rewarding and enhance the wonder of their lives. Other demands, however, can be negative and may become disabling. While medical professionals are resilient in the face of severe stress, they may become overwhelmed. Those are the times to reach out for support. OWP is structured to support physicians, advanced practice providers and physician assistants during these difficult times by helping them find the necessary resources to rebuild rewarding professional and personal lives.

Clinicians offer free, confidential counseling in private settings or, in some areas, through telemedicine.

OWP is currently serving the areas highlighted in green

Program Tenets

  • Developed and sanctioned by physician peers
  • Healthcare professional initiated only; no relationship with third parties
  • Confidential, private appointments
  • Appointments available quickly and easily at physician-friendly times
  • Locally selected clinicians experienced with caring for healthcare professionals
  • Minimal record keeping
  • No cost up to a limit, no insurance billed, no report
  • 24/7 support for healthcare professionals

The OWP will be introduced regionally, eventually becoming available statewide. Currently, the OWP will cover the cost of physicians, physician assistants and advanced practice providers counseling along with telemedicine services in some areas. Collaborative agreements were made with the Central Oregon Medical Society (COMS), the Marion-Polk County Medical Society (MPCMS) the Lane County Medical Society (LCMS) and the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland (MSMP). During the next several months, similar services will be implemented through collaborative agreements with the other regional medical societies and two statewide institutional programs.  Membership in an Oregon medical society is encouraged but not required to access the OWP services.

Call 541-242-2805 to schedule an appointment.

The Oregon Wellness Program is not for professionals who are in immediate crisis.
If you are in need of immediate assistance, use Crisis Resources.