Robert Jones, PhD

Phone: 503-399-7092
Appointment Type: In-person, Telehealth
Address: 1307 Commercial Street SE
, Salem, 


Dr. Jones maintains a general practice based on extensive experience in medical settings that includes coordinating with physicians and other health professionals and providing them with direct service for occupational stress and other therapeutic needs.

The practice also includes consultation to business and governmental agencies on a local, state and national level for assessment and treatment of stress, burnout and trauma.


Dr. Jones is a clinical psychologist who maintains a private practice in Salem after serving as unit director and psychologist for seven years at Oregon State Hospital and completing a two year clinical residency. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Idaho State University and a PhD from the University of Oregon that included rotational internships in community clinical service and psychiatry at University of Oregon Medical School (OHSU).

While working at the hospital, Dr. Jones served on the governing board and in addition to supervision and clinical support for staff, he was instrumental in designing community based therapeutic activities that gained a degree of national attention.